The Self Fulfillment Institute (SFi), our mission is to enhance overall health, happiness, balance, well-being and unlock the untapped potential, of individuals, organizations and communities, through diverse initiatives, specialized training programs  and workshops. 


Furthermore, provide experts, practitioners and coaches a platform to share specially curated programs that highlight proven methods, tools and practices, derived from ancient philosophies and integrative modern approaches to overcome modern day challenges, distractions and obstacles to achieve peak performance and fulfillment in all areas of life.



Dr. Kalind Bakshi

Dr. Bakshi is a retired Vascular Surgeon, a Master Professional Coach a Coach Trainer in Circle of Life, an IIQTC Senior Trainer and true Visionary.  He is renowned for the integrative approach to personal, team and leadership development, and his vast expertise and experience in holistic medicine and healing.  Additionally, Dr. Bakshi travels the globe on speaking engagements, and his trainings and workshops have positively impacted innumerable lives worldwide.


Maulik Mankad

Maulik has a background in Management and Strategy Consulting with Fortune 50 companies.  Additionally, he is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader and has extensive background in the realm of personal and leadership development in the organization and corporate space.



We live in an age of massive technological advances, unparalleled economic progress and super connectivity across the globe.  However, we are also in the age of distractions, chaos and hyper-sensory overload.  There is a perpetual and ever-ready influx of data and information battling for our attention at the workplace, at home and beyond.  There is a constant risk of distraction not just pulling them away from the task at hand but draining our mental and emotional energy, leading us to perform at sub-optimal levels and leaving us unfulfilled in more ways than one.


So, as an individual performer or a leader within an organization looking to protect your team’s ability to consistently achieve peak performance and holistic fulfillment, what can you do?


At SFi, we believe that through empowered collaboration with experts, practitioners and coaches, our curated assortment of individual and group programs, workshops and trainings (live and virtual) that integrate high-impact coaching, scientifically proven mindfulness techniques and high-impact self care practices that help overcome modern day challenges, distractions and obstacles to achieve peak performance and fulfillment in its truest sense.

Tai Chi

Weekly Body Mind Practice Video + Twice A Week Breath Practice Clinic 

All - In - One Subscription

One of a kind, simple and easy-to-follow weekly body mind practice video conducted by various body mind experts and twice a week breath practice clinic facilitated by Dr. Kalind Bakshi is a perfect all - in - one combination subscription to optimize your breath, increase immunity, relieve stress, enhance focus, and improve overall health and well-being.  Subscribers receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all videos and access to a wonderful community of individuals with a common goal to live the best life now!



SFi Coaching Masteries Program

ICF-CCE Approval In-Process

Awaken potential in others. Inspire, engage and empower your clients and groups by honing and fine-tuning your coaching masteries skills, techniques and tools. This is an ICF compliant program that adds a unique and powerful dimension by multiplying the results as a coach with the Energy Optimizing System  with the  This program transforms coaches into master coaches, and managers into leaders.

Registration Opens - FALL 2022

QTC - Qigong & Tai Chi Series

Full Body Health & Wellness Video Series

Multivideo series with the esteemed Dr. Kalind Bakshi and Ms. Gail Pettit focused on Full Body Health, Wellness and Healing Through Qigong and Tai Chi. Available with LIFETIME Access!

Tai Chi Class

Optimize Your Breath

For Healing, Immunity and Resilience Workshop

 This is a two-day 4-Hour Interactive Workshop, where you will learn the best breathing practices from the Oxygen Advantage Program.

Wellness Coach

One-On-One & Specialized Coaching

Tailor-made High Impact Coaching

This is a customized, one-on-one/private coaching service available to individuals from every walk of life, background, age group, gender, culture, ethnicity, and beyond.  This is for someone who values personalized attention for their specific focus, support and growth areas.  Please reach out to us and share what you are looking for, so that we connect you with the right coach who can support and empower you every step of the way!

Couples Therapy
Professional Man


“Practicing Tai chi & Qigong weekly during the virtual practice group is the highlight of the week for me.  I recharge and I am ready to conquer the week ahead!”​


—  Nimish, B., Pharmaceutical Industry Professional



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